Park-summer-party… yeeeh, cuddling time!

How come this? Grandpa Lennox is not coming with us? He goes with dad somewhere else! To much noise? To many people? Where on earth are we going, mum?

We are heading for the park, not the dog park! The human park. Dogs are allowed there, but on the leash! I don’t understand why humans are not on the leash in the dogpark, me! We would have more fun, more mischiefs to achieve! hahaha! 🙂

Anyway, we go to the park, its only about 50 meters from home! Another bizar thing: dogpark is 250 meters, human park is only 50 meters from home! 😉 I’m not complaining though, really not. We live in a city, so a park and a dogpark nearby, that’s very nice!!

My goodness! So many people, and so many chairs, and so many tables, and really, so much noise. They call it music!

Hey look! Somebody is calling my mum! That mum knows my mum from the library where my mum is the librarymum! Bit complicated, no? Anyway, they are surprised and glad to see each other! And that mum has two human boy-pups! Seems they like me. They ask very polite if they may cuddle me! I’m wagging my tail: yes, yes! Mum, please, say yes!!!

Oh, yes, cuddling-time! 🙂 🙂 🙂


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