Today is about being… small, but big!!

Sometimes I feel very small, really! When we went to the special park with the big boxes, I felt very small! I tell you, even my mum looks very small there! (And she is not tall, for a human, I can assure you that! There she seems even smaller!)

But today? Really guys, I felt like a giant! A giant-airedale-lady! Why? Well, we came in the dogpark and one of my good boy-friends was present! Hercules! And when Hercules is there, I feel like a giant! But not for long… 🙂

Although he is very, very, very small, his name is Hercules! Did you laugh? You should’t. Little Hercules doesn’t feel small at all! On the contrary! This little gentleman is a real “man”! He knows what he wants, and he knows it very well!
When he decides, a hole is HIS hole, even if he completely disappears in it, well don’t try to chase him! You’ll meet Hercules! 😉

I like playing and walking around with him, he’s a fun guy! And my mum? She made the pictures with the blinking box! 🙂

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