Busy Sunday… lots of cuddling!

Today was a busy day! This morning we went to the dogpark. Yes, I know… we do that every day! (And I’m glad about it, can’t wait to get out!) So, there is another new guy in town: Destiny! But I’m not too interested, neither is my grandpa Lennox!

At noon, my mum’s human pup came over, with her husband! Mum made a funny lunch for the human pup! We did laugh! 😉 And then: cuddling time, Oh Yes! YES!

Afterwards we went to my friend Gitte: she was alone at home and she spent some time with my dad, mum and me. We went to the dogpark! Yihaaaaa! Great time! Mushu was there too!

And then we sat on a terrace, in the park. Mum’s blinking little box had no battery left or something like that: no pictures. 😦

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