Labor day… My goodness: a busy day!

My humans call this a holiday: the first of May is Labor Day! Labor Day without work… Which dog understands that??? It was a very busy holiday, believe me. This morning: dogpark! Lots of dogs, because of the day without work!

This afternoon, we went out to… a very big dogpark. The one I told you earlier about! My dad came too and made the pictures! So this time, my mum is in the pictures too! Can tell you she acted like a (very funny) sportswoman trying to throw a ball that I had to go and fetch. The fetching was okay today but bringing and giving it in her hand… well, mum said it was not good at all! But we had fun! That’s the purpose of this play, don’t you think so?

This evening everybody was tired so we went out for dinner. Outside, on a terrace! Was there before, me, when I was a baby… and so cute! 🙂 At the same table. Mum puts the pictures here too!
And who was at the next table? Huxley, the Welsh terrier and his humans. We both made a little bit of noice, wanting to play… but our mums and dads didn’t agree: no noice, no playing! Okay, okay… I had a nap… zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.


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