Mum, mum!!!!… I have a date, a real date!

Mum, listen to me! Can’t you brush me today in stead of tomorrow, please??? I have a date! Yes, really, I have a date! (And you can come too, 😉 ) I have a date with Ernie, you know! You know: the Irish champ! 🙂 We are going to have a fast break as you did with the friends, remember. And you are allowed to come too!

Very nice, Kita. So you’re going to have breakfast with Ernie? Okay, combing and brushing is for today! 🙂

Ah, we’re almost there: we’re parking the car. Come on, mum and dad, come on. No, I better don’t pull on the leash or all will go wrong. There he is. Hai Ernie, here I am for the fast break! What does he say? Silly Kita, it’s breakfast???!!! Pfff, I know it is a fast break!!

You are on a nice blanket, Ernie! I’m not, you see! Don’t you sleep all the time, I’m here! Well, there’s another dog, a terrier too. Hello you! Yes, I can see that you’re blind and you’re a grandpa? That’s like my grandpa Lennox. Nice to meet you!
No, mum, I don’t want to lay down, I want to see everything. Ieeeeepfff, gggrrr, iieeepf…

Kita, stop it and don’t behave like a teenager without manners. Look at Ernie, he’s a real gentleman. Be a lady!

I’m not in the mood for being a lady today! Will sleep a little bit… Mum seems not to be pleased with me today!! 😦

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