Antwerp sightseeing… guided tour for my foreign friends! (part 3)

Today my mum has to buy something for her human sister. Therefore we go to the old city of Antwerp.

Mum, will you take the blinking thing with you? Then we do a ‘fototoot’ in the city!

A photoshoot, Kita, a photoshoot! That’s a good idea! Be a good dale, then, will you?

Yes mum, I’m an airedale-lady, you should know that! My mum says the weather is to misty and cloudy for good pictures. But we are here, so she makes them anyway! We had a lot of fun, I tell you everything with the photos.

One very special thing to mention for very special fans: There were a lot of people of your country on the Handschoenmarkt, they were looking to the story of the dog. When mum and me passed by, everyone asked if they could make a picture of us, of me of course!!!, with the story, told in their language. So, there will be a lot of Kita-pictures in your country, soon! But none of them persons got me a duck :-(, as you did! 🙂 By the way: I still play with it!

So we did a tour in the city! Lots of people remarked me being an airedale and came to say hello! I was very pleased and was an excellent girl: I didn’t pull on the leash, not once. I even didn’t jump up… oh, yes just once, but the madam made me do it… 😉
My mum, she was surprised?!!! Wonder why, she should know I’m a lady! 😉

I even waited gently for the last one of the French fries at noon! I lay down and waited politely! I was proud of myself, I have to say that!

And now, I’m taking a very long nap… zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    • Hello Pipsa. Fine that you like my town! if you ever come to Antwerp, tell me in time, we could meet and have a drink together! 🙂
      Kisses to you and Arska from Kita (and of my mum of course, but she’s at work now… sssst)

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