Me? Training my mum and being a good airedale-lady… in a castle!!!

Sunday and we get up that early? Something is in the air!… What is she saying, my mum? A fast break in a castle?

Breakfast with friends, Kita! In a castle: Kasteel Rivierenhof!

Never mind that fast break, we first go for a training she says, so I will be a good girl…
Okay for me! I like these early trainings when we are alone in the dogpark. Never train this way when there are other dogs around! Yes! Why? I teach my mum to throw a ball!  I teach her that she has to throw it as far as possible. She’s a good learner! And me, I’m the youngest one of the two of us, so I do the running and the fetching! You understand that running and fetching is nothing for my mum, of course!

Until few weeks ago I didn’t understand the fetching-and-bringing part, but since I know I have to train my mum’s throwing, I bring her the ball back in stead of running further away. Without bringing no throwing… and no treat for me!!! 😉

Good girl! You’ll learn it! Great! 17 times! That’s for our record-book! 🙂

And now we are at this huge house, a castle, and mum and dad and the friends are having that fast break. I have my little bone. When we leave our table to go out and sit in the sun, the humans at the other tables are very surprised to see a beautiful airedale-lady leaving too! I was a very good girl, laying next to my ‘breaking’ mum!

I’m quite proud of myself… On thursday, this morning and in the castle my mum was very pleased with me and my good manners. Why on earth do you wonder, mum? I’m a real airedale-lady!! 😉

  1. Hallo Zuid-Afrika! Ja, inderdaad een beetje eigenaardig, ik lees en begrijp het Zuid-Afrikaans ook. Het lijkt heel erg op het Nederlands! 😉 Fijn dus dat je de blog begrijpt!!! Heeft u ook een Airedale? Ook voor jullie een fijne week en veel groeten uit Antwerpen, belgië! Kusjes en pootjes van Kita

  2. Eienaardig om n artikel te lees wat in a ander taal geskryf is en tog meeste van dit te verstaan, intelegente honde die Airedales, hulle verstaan Afrikaans ook. lekker dag en week wat voorle’ vir julle almal groete uit Johannesburg ZA ( Suid Afrika)

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