Today? Ippon… and Kita-cuddling-day! :-)

This morning was rather rough! In the dogpark, my friend Gitte had lots of energy, too much energy… lots of too much energy! The judo-wrestling of today was complicated! But after a few moments I was out with an ippon!
My mum, this time, had the little blinking thing ready so there is a proof of this ippon-situation! (see below!)

But at noon, the human puppy of my mum came over for lunch! Well, pup… the human pup is already 26 years old… She has two dogs too! Shasta (malamute) and Goofy (Berner Sennen). But they didn’t come with her today. That’s a pity! Anyway when she comes, that’s cuddling-time! Oh, yes!

After lunch and dinner (at coffeetime) I’m allowed to cuddle, I can get on the knees of my mum or dad and look around over the table. But I may not touch the table! Mischief of the day: I put my head on the table. And nobody said a word?????!!!!!!!! The cuddling went on! Just once, my mum said! I know that word: just once! 😉

I was soooooooo happy with al this attention and cuddles (Not that I don’t get cuddles all the time… ;-))  … so the rest of the day I was a very, very good girl. Mum was proud of me in the store: I did not bark, I sat down and waited when she said so, I didn’t pull on the leash on the way home, not one moment! Mum was soooooooooooooo happy too! She said she thinks that one day, I’ll be (maybe) a perfect aire-lady.

That’s what she hopes, yes! 😉


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