Today? … A superfantastic day!

Today I had a “rendez-vous” with Kato and Jaimie, two Irish Woulfhounds. But their mum was ill today, so they weren’t allowed to come. Weather was good so my mum said we could go anyway…

She often has great ideas, my mum (and often not, when she is stubborn!!), but today’s idea was supersplendidfantastic! What did we do? We went to a place, a very very very very big place the humans call Linkeroever.
My mum never wanted to go there as long as I didn’t ALWAYS came on her command! Because that place is very big, has no fence like other dogparks in town and dogs can get lost there… or killed if they run to the highway… My mum knows that I don’t want to loose her or I don’t want her to be killed by a car and when she falls in the water, well… 😉 – So I did agree: mum’s safety first! 😉

After almost  two years of training (really necessary, I admit!) with the whistle-language… (tut-tut-tuuuuut means: come now here as quick as you can), I was already off the leash at the seaside a few weeks ago. And I behaved as a good girl, a very good girl. So finally we went today to that place all my friends talk about!

And me???? I was the best girl ever! Mum was so proud of me and all the compliments she got of other mums and dads saying I’m such a nice and lovely and cute dog and that I obey so well!

I barked once to say that I’m not just any dog: I’m an airedale-lady! And I was real proud of myself! 😉

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