Gracie??!!… I’m on a list too! ;-(

Today I have to tell something to an overseas friend! Her name is Gracie and she is much younger than I am… She has two lady-friends at home and her mom likes to make ‘fototoots’ of them. Nice pics, show you one my mum voted for. I hope they win!

Photoshoots, Kita, photoshoots!

Listen: weeks ago, my mum was at the computer and she had to laugh (happens often when she looks at pics of airedale-friends). She said: this is a funny expression I never heard before… She read: “Gracie is on my list”. One of the humans at Gracie’s house wrote that!
Gracie chewed on a cable! An important cable! (Well done, Gracie, at least I understand you had fun!) Little left of the cable…

Since that moment I do everything to be funny too! I try everything to be on a list too! Well, since yesterday evening I’m on my mum’s list… but I don’t think it is as funny as that… I think I don’t want to be on a list anymore…

What did I do? I was “sleeping” in the bed of my grandpa Lennox… He let me take a nap there… And me, stupid me, real stupid me… What did I do? I chewed on his new bed, only few weeks here, that bed!

Ohohohoh, I wished I didn’t! Mum was angry, very angry. So was my dad. Mum didn’t laugh this time! But I am on her list now! 😉
Will be pretty difficult to get off… 😦

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