Saturday… mud day…

These days, mornings are very nice. Me and mum, we like september very much! Mornings are cool and autumn colours appear! ❤

So this morning we went to the huge dogpark… saw all my friends again and guess what? Mum forgot to take pictures! 😦

Afterwards we were all alone and i did some inspection, still my best business. 🙂 I was running around for half an hour and afterwards mum was a bit angry… She said I made quite a devil of myself in stead of being a nice lady and watching out a bit… Hahahaha!
I was having fun! The green clothes-sir would be surprised and impressed! He says I am on old dog… go figure!

When we came home… well, less fun… paw plunger time and staying in my crate… Anyway, I needed a good nap… 😉

PS Have fun with the pics, I am in all of them… hihihi… 🙂



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