Heat wave is over and… new guy in town

We had this terrible heat wave here, but is gone now… Back to life for me and mum and sissie and dad… It still is Corona-life though… and it will be for quite some time, the humans think! 😦

Anyway, there is big news! In our building, at the other side, there is a new guy! A shepherd! His name is Rex and he was 2 months old when he came. I have to admit, he is a handsome guy although shepherds are not my type… 😉

He came in the heat wave so we met a few short times, he was not allowed to play long, being so young and small! But the socialising must go on, heat or not… so this lady does her very best with the youngster! 😉
Now he is already bigger and I politely say hello and than turn around to the other side when I see him.
His dad laughs with it…

But… the française and Rex are the best of friends! She is more fond of shepherds than I am, you see! 😉 Soon, when Rex is bigger and allowed to play more roughly, you will see what happens! Two of a kind, I tell you already!!!

Pics are from a few weeks ago, now he is already bigger… but no pics of that!

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