Who is… who?

Really, mum, this goes too far! Really too far! I know you love me to the moon and back, but this… no… really!

I understand it very well: in the strange world of today… things are a bit different. There is this “new normal”. I know it means you have to wear a mask to take the metro and to go to a shop or to the supermarket.

But this goes too far! You can’t be me! I am the queen in this household, not you! No way! Me, the lady, will not be in a picture with you, dressed up as a dale! Forget it! Really, forget it!

What? A nice treat? Maybe more than one? I think about it! Do I or do I not, that is the question! 😉

Hahahaha, yes you won again, mum, but they are not that super, the pictures, hahaha, and I got 3!! treats! ❤

PS You see me grinning in one of the pics? 😉 😉

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