Yeeey… arrived in new home!

Dear cousin Islay

Hope you are fine these days!!

You know, sometimes I have to have a serious chat with my mum! Oooh, yes!

So, also about this! We got such beautiful flowers a few days before Christmas and then we left for France. Mum completely forgot to send you all something!
So I had a chat about that with her and told her she should be ashamed! 😦

She was a big bit ashamed and perplexed. Told her she should make something nice and not too small for you all!
As always she listens to me! 😉

When it was ready, I could pose with it before she took it to the post! And now, she called me and said: have a look! And… I saw you with the airedale pillow! Yeeeey, it arrived safely! And you did pose with it too!

So we can show our posing to the whole dale-world! Great!

See you some time again!

Big hugs from your cousin 

Kita van ’t Asbroek

PS Be careful with the pillow, you, cousin Islay!

PPSS On the left, you see Islay, on the right, it is woolly me! I gave a little kiss at the dalepillow! 😉




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