All kind of … clowns!

It really is a ritual, yes it is! Half an hour before dinner time, me and the française we want to get the attention of dad! To get our dinner in time, as you can understand.

Most effective way is starting a biteyface session and then a play session and then a rough play- and run session! Yesyes, all in the house. 😉

Normally mum and dad ignore our attention business, of course. Until it really gets to rough and I bark! I try to think about it: no barking in the house! But then I get very excited in this play business and I bark! Mostly when we are running and I am quicker as Sissie Lizzie and she cheats on me, taking a short way under the table. 😦

So I forgot and I barked… 😦
Mum was sighing and dad, he said: go on, time out in the crate! We know that so we go there. As we should. This time the française wanted to be the clown of the household and got with me in my bench! Go figure! 😉

But then go figure this! Clown Dad came along and closed the crate! There we were: 2 in one crate. Everybody was laughing and we did go on playing! 😉

After 2 minutes, dad opened the door and we got our dinner! 🙂 ❤ Sometimes Dad is the one who is the biggest clown! Ssssttttt: do not tell him I said so!




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