Grandpa Lennox!… News to tell you!

Dear grandpa Lennox

Yes, I know you see everything from the Bridge when we are here at home, but I suppose you did not see where we have been! So I write it to you in a long letter and I send you pictures! ❤

We were away for ages! Mum says these ages are called a big month. Anyway: me and the française and mum and dad we were in France! Yes we were there where your pall Mano lived, you can show him the pictures too! And no, we were not at the same house as where we are normally: with mum’s friend! No, we lived in a big house nearby and we could go to see mum’s friend every day! You should have seen that! ❤

Of course I did a lot of running! In the meadows and the empty fields! You know, I obey! The française on the contrary only run once… yes, you get the picture: this teenager is too dangerous in the fields, off the leash! She only can run on the beach!! Where dad can see her all the time! 😉

Oh, will I make you laugh? Mum thought I was going back in the climbing business… I started, but as I said, I obey and I went back when she called me! 🙂

And, grandpa, the humans were sharing memories about you being there! How you played with Mano and always jumped on this big fellow! And about you running around and barking at the very big milk-truck that got you almost killed… on the leash you macho went, just as the française! 😉

One thing was not funny at all! 😦 All this ages we had bad weather! Only three days of sunshine… humans were a bit annoyed! Me too, you know that… I don’t like the rain! 😦

Well so far for the big ages-holiday at Mano’s place! Give him and my other friends over there a hug, will you!

Big hugs to you too, maybe you like my hugs now, over there on the Bridge!


Kita van ’t Asbroek

PS The only French the française remembers, seems to be: “fiche le camp!” lol 😉 🙂




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