A mum-girls talk about… brown in the family!

These days, me and mum we make long walks; That is because of the “tirered”-thing, remember?
So we have all the possibilities to have nice me-and-mum talks.

One of these days I asked her why everybody always says Lizzie is my sissie. Mum, you know she is not! The française is born in France and I was born in Belgium. We cannot be sisters! Could we? James is born in Germany and is a cousin? Too difficult!! 😉

But mum explained we are no real sisters of the same doggie-family but we live in the same house so we are sissies in some kind of way, she says!

Well, I think mum is right – as always – ssssttt do not tell her I told you! 😉

You know what I discovered? Living in our house is very good for our fur! We get special oil for it, you see! In my doggiefamily, as my grandma and ma, lot of us are not all black on our back: we have tan hair there too!
The dad of my doggiemum Fun says tat we have a nice “grizzly” fur! ❤
The française was all black when she came 1,5 year ago! And you know what: she starts growing brown hairs on her back too… so maybe we are a bit of sissies after all… ❤

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