Bearded ladies… need fine grooming!

– “Ca alors! I have to tell you this, Kita! Mum just took me in her arms, then wrestled a bitp1400996-85x100 with me (en fait, it was me resisting her manoeuvre, because I had no idea about what was happening, mais soit) and finally she managed to get me on this funny table…”

– “Oh, that… That’s not a problem at all, you silly petite française.” 😉

– “Voilà, there you go again, Miss Know-It-All! How was I supposed to know, n’est-ce pas?”

– “You need to stand very, very still on that table, because taking care of our fur is a delicate, eh… well, business.” [aire laughter] “She wouldn’t want to hurt us, would she?”

– “Je sais, je sais, but couldn’t she have given me a hint in advance? I do know this procedure quite well! My first Human Mum, who looked after me in my first weeks and again later on, often groomed me avec ces mains très professionnelles.”

– “You know, the Mum of Cousin Islay does the grooming and trimming of her bearded lady teddy bear herself too. I know, because she told me so herself!” 🙂

– “Tu sais vraiment tout, toi! Eh bien, do you think I’m pretty now?”

– “Well, you’re short, of course, but furthermore you’re the perfect bearded lady!”;-)

– “D’accord! Now I’m going to take a nap, because being extremely focused all the time in that very upright position has exhausted me: je suis épuisée!

– “This grooming can indeed be quite challenging. You know what? I’ll take a nap with you. You never know what’s next with these humans. We’d better be prepared.” [aire laughter]

Sissie Lizzie,
aka The Frenchie





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