This saturday morning?… A tiring one!

This morning we made our big walk early: it will get warm again, you know. Me and mum don’t like that!

At the end, almost back home mum asked if I would like to pass by the little dogpark. Of course, I always want to go to a dogpark, small, medium or huge… a dogpark is a dogpark! 😉
Immediately I turned to the right. Yes, yes, I know where the dogparks are! 😉

Well, my dogness!!! There I met a new friend, a little boy friend! That little friend is a smous of 1 year old! His name? Venteke. I tell you, that’s a bit special! Venteke is a Flemish word for Little man, at least in spoken dialect. 😉

So I and venteke played! That one is quite “movable”. He jumps the whole time! On my back, ove my back, on my head, around my neck… my dogness, that one is tiring but so cute. I let him do as he wanted, I’m a lady, you know! 🙂

PS Proof in the pics and the movie… a little part of the movie is a bit less ‘clear’ though! Anyway, you’ll have a good laugh, as did my mum! 🙂


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