September… we love september!

Before she was a library mum, my mum was a teacher! I can see that. Once a teacher, always a teacher! 😉

Anyway, in that previous teacher-mum-life she was teaching French and lots of other things, but that was later… 😉
So my mum loves French songs. So I told her to film on the beach in this september and make my friends listen to the song of Septembre and the song of our Pays plat. ❤ This time, she obeyed tout de suite! Note that somewhere. 😉
Normally it is the other way around: I have to obey her!! 😉

So she filmed, but she did not film the most important, as always!! 😦 My dogness, she never learns! What did she miss? I was running as a fool (yes, this lady can run as a fool) to something very far away that got my attention. But really far away! Mum said later she did not see me anymore! Then my worried mum uses the whistle-language. So I had to hurry back. And I did… but I was so far away that I was very tired of it and I had to lay down when I arrived… Your fault, mum said, but I got my chicken treat after all. ❤
How far? Back and forth more than 1 km! We know because mum walked the distance afterwards and her little step counter told so! 🙂
She said I should not restart… 😉

So I did some little lady runs for the Septembre-movie and some training exercises! 🙂




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