Before and… after!

A few days ago we went to see my Van ’t Asbroek-family! ❤

When we go to that side of our country, I know we or not going to the seaside, no, that’s the opposite direction. Anyway, it is not that for for my friends living in other continents… 🙂
If you go directly from one extreme point to the farrest other extreme point of my country, well that’s about 300 kms. (185 miles)
If you want to count that in car-riding-time… that’s another business! 😦 That can take a lot more hours than in other countries. Some days we have, in our small country, more traffic jam than anywhere else. 😦
Brussels and we, in Antwerp, are the Olympic champions in traffic jam!! 😉

So, we went to my family! That’s great, I get a new look when we go there. This time, I went for the “chique” summerlook! 😉
Have a look for yourself! I am very “chique”! ❤

PS Next time I’ll tell you aboout another “before and after”!!

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