Even more!… Letters-business! :-)

Yesterday, my mum was not at home! No,no, silly you… she is not back to her library! No, she was in a very big shopping mall with the human pup. Human pup had her last holiday, yesterday! She is back to the treat-store! 😉

But yesterday they were at the mall. Looking for birthday presents and blue yarn for an elephant. Sometimes they are silly: my mum and the human pup do not seem to know an elephant is not blue… 😉
By the way: dogs are not allowed in the mall. Even aireladies aren’t! So I stayed home with dad! 😉 That’s fun too when mum is not around! hihi! 😉

And mum got a present from the human pup! Yes… indeed… you guessed it: letters-business!!! I had a very thorough letters-inspection when she got home! ❤


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