Tell me… when do we go in town?

Mum, look at this parcel: my name is on it! You see this? Yours too? So you are opening it? 😦
Too delicate for Kita-teeth to open? 😦 Why is my name on it, explain me that!

Okay, that’s what in it is for me but not to play with? Oh, let’s have a look! Oooooh, mum, look at that! A new collar! And leash! A short leash! Yes, yes, yes… we go in town!! Now, immediately! 😉 I want to show my new town-collar and town-leash to everybody! 🙂 ❤

What? Waiting till tomorrow? That’s idiot, mum. I want to go now! No??? 😦 You have to crochet to get it post tomorrow? Okay, I’ll be patient! 😉
Can I have a treat instead? 😉

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