Me? … Castle inspection day!

When the weather is nice… strange things happen on the beach… When we go there in the morning, on the beach have appeared big mountains and digged rivers and … 🙂

Mum calls them sand castles. She says human puppies do that… My dogness, why don’t they just run and play, the human puppies? You don’t see a lady making those things. 😉

Anyway, I had to inspect them of course, all those castles! One was very special! ❤
Mum says it’s a labyrinth. Mum, what do you mean: a babyprint?

A labyrinth, Kita, a labyrinth!!!

Whatever! What is it? Oh, when you go in, you don’t get out easily? Oh, is it that special thing our library-friends of the Netherlands love so much! I’ll go in and inspect it! 🙂
Mum, I turn in circles… How do I get out? 😉
I just jump and walk over it… this is simple! 😉

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