A parcel???… And not for me???

What? A parcel? Came with my friend the postman? Yes, he is one of my best friends in the building, although he always says “he” talking about me… 😦

Mum, is that real? This parcel is not for me? I’m the very famous lady in this house, you know! Not you! 😉

What’s in it? Beautiful things, she says… Okay, let’s have a look. It really is beautiful: mum puts it on the table-chest… Can have a sniff, but I can not touch! Okay, I’ll play with my very old own cloth which was a bag once… 😉

There is even more coming from down under? I can sniff! Is that for the table too? No, it is what? Magnetic? Never heard about that guy! Why does she laugh?
Yes, put them down here, I will fix it at night, when you are asleep! No? High up? Is that more “sure”? Okay, I like the birds though! ❤

Thank you very much, friends down under! ❤ 🙂

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