Euh… what’s going on?

Hey mum, it is Tuesday today, you know… You hear me? Tuesday morning! What, she knows that? Why does she take the coat and the bag for the huge dogpark?
Mum, really, it is only Tuesday morning, not wednesday afternoon! You’ll be late for work! No? My dogness, something is really wrong with my mum…

In winter we never go that early in the morning to the huge dogpark. There are no lights, you know. It is too dangerous for mums then! 😉

Okay, if she really insists, I’ll go with her, of course. Well, it isn’t that dark anymore… Maybe she is a bit smart, my mum. What does she say? Spring? (Spring in Dutch=Jump in English!) Okay, I jump! Why does she say NO? I do as she asks! What a strange morning! What on earth is going on? And no grandpa Lennox to explain… 😦

Oh, days get longer, so we can go to the huge dogpark in the morning? I see! 😉

We met doggies too… and I run after birds and… we came home too soon! Told you, it’s only Tuesday morning, she has to go to work! 😦

PS No, that friend is not a real airedale, but a mix! But he is soooooo kind…

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