I’m in the guiding-business… for a blind friend!

This morning me and mum went to the huge dogpark. Nice morning. No sun, talking grass, glass-water! Yep, happy lady! 🙂

In the huge dogpark we met Vic! Vic is such a handsome guy! ❤ There is only a small problem: Vic is not too sure about everything. 😦 How come? Vic is a blind guy! 😦

So, he was turning his head around and his beautiful tail was down with all those busy dogs around him. Then he was walking away of all this fuss. His mum was calling him, but he went on.
So this lady went after him to keep an extra eye open and to comfort and guide him a bit. 😉 That’s what ladies do, you know! 😉

That’s what I did all morning: taking Vic everywhere: also to the busy treat-party and then away again, and I learned him a bit how to play… 😉
He has a very nice mum too! I even was not angry because she did not know I’m an airedale! 😉

In the end he wanted to go home with me, but I brought him back to his mum and explained his mum would be very sad! He went with her, tail-wagging! 🙂

What do you say, mum? Am I a good girl? Why? I’m just me, you know… 🙂

Eén reactie

  1. beste mevrouw, fantastische blog en vooral mooie foto’s
    onze pup airedale komt naar ons mat PASEN
    graag had ik u email adres gehad of u facebook pagina omdat ik een par vraagjes heb over het trimmen va onze vrienden en mss kan u mij wat tips geven

    alvast bedak

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