I won, mum!… I won, I won!!!

Mum has some holidays. They calll them spring-holidays! And there is a beast called carnival too… Did not meet it yet! 😉

Anyhow: we have spring-flowers and spring-wind. Wind? No, storm! But, weather or no weather, as we say in Dutch: me and mum we go to the huge dogpark. 🙂

Yesterday I was in the running business! Oh, yes, I was! As you know, i can run fast, but not that fast, I must admit! But yesterday, I had good legs (I learned that from television, cyclists say so too!). So, I had very good legs and I did some competition runs with 2 black dogs. 🙂

First of all, I had a good start! And I gave everything, I really did! And: I WON!
Mum, did you see it, I won!!! ❤
What? A fotofinish? No, I won with more than a lenght, mum! Oh, you mean you have a fototoot untill the finish?!!! Show it to all my friends! 😉

When are these Olympics? 😉

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