Surprise… surprise… surprise!!!

Mum’s black thing was making that music… most of the time she starts talking then. She said: “good idea! See you!”

One hour later I had to bark: doorbell was ringing! And who came in? The human pup. That happens more! 🙂
But what not always happens is the following… 😉

Human pup was talking to me! About my birthday! Ans she had a plastic bag! Oh, my dogness! What’s in it? My birthday present? Yeeeey!!!! ❤ I love the human pup!

What does she say, the human pup? How many minutes will it last? I let my new duck-chicken where it was when something else came out of the bag: treats! Yeeeey! ❤

I first finish the treat and play later with the toy! Almost a quarter of an hour, then mum took the toy away… Why??? 😦


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