New year… New friend! yeeeey!

Off we went, on sundays we go for the big walk, in the morning! But we changed plans and that was a terrific idea!
How that came?

In our building there is a new doggie since a few days! We already met at the front door. Mums were saying we surely become good friends because our tails were almost wagging off our bodies! hahahaha! 😉

So this morning when we left we saw Wally, the new one, in the street. So we all decided to go play in the dogpark! That was a good idea! My dogness, he can run, that Wally-boy! What a speed! And we were playing too! 🙂

After a while we were a bit tired and the mums wanted their breakfast, hahaha! So we went home again! 🙂

PS Yes, I know there are many, many pictures but that is especially for my new friend, you see?!! ❤




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