Lady Kita wishes you… a very happy and healthy 2016!

What an evening! What a night! Mum says I’m a very good girl! 🙂 Didn’t do anything special this time… Quite bizar situation!

Well this very good girl got a nice bully stick at midnight and was watching from the window lots of bizar lights with lots of bizar noises. I only barked a few times! Why could I not get out? Dad and the others went outside and mum and me stayed inside! Anyway, I saw it too 🙂 and I surely enjoyed my bullystick, half in the dark, because of the bizar lights mum wanted to see of course. Silly mum! 😉 Chewing is much more fun if I can’t get outside with the others! 😉

Me, dad and mum want to wish you all around the world, where ever you live, what ever colour you have, what ever your religion is, what ever your job or no job is, whet ever your language is, what ever your nationality is, what ever your opinions are, what ever you think about life… to ALL of you and the ones you love:

Happy and healthy and peaceful and loving 2016

We hope you all find YOUR best way through this New Year!

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