Update-newsflash about… my detective-sniffing-skills!

Really… my dogness, what did they expect?

Last saturday we went to see the human pup in her shop! For the new friends: that’s a pet-shop with good food and treats and toys and coats and… a lot of things. Dad and mum and the human pup were wondering if I could find my own food in the very, very, very cold box! 😉

Really! Go figure! Do they think I am a food-dummie or something? 😉

All around the shop I hear: leave it! Human pup opened the very cool box and said: Choose your food! One sniff, only one sniff and I indicated my food! What did they expect? Tell me! You do not fool around in the food-sniffing-business! You sniff yourself right to the food-goal! ❤

Human pup said: BRAVO! And I got a treat: cake out of her cake box!. Hahaha, this is an easy business! Then I got a lot of presents too, because one week earlier it had been World Animal Day! At home I got a toy and…destroyed in less than a quarter of an hour. I was quite proud of myself, you see that in the pic! 😉 🙂

PS We bought a lot of food and now it is in our own very, very, very cool box!!!!



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