New adventures for… daddy’s girl! :-)

After lunch at the restaurant (I got a bully stick!!), dad said: let’s go in town. Off we went to the tunnel for pedestrians. Normally we take the elevator, but since a few weeks we know big dogs are allowed on the escalator. Am I a big dog? Yes, I’m even a big airedale! A big airedale lady.
With dad we always go on new adventures. That’s why I’m not only a mummy’s girl, I’m a daddy’s girl too… if you did not know it, you know it now!

Adventure of today? We go down to the tunnel by the escalator! Wow, this is a big one, a long one too! Not one, but two of those to get 31 meters down! My dogness! And it is a wooden one, this escalator. Like it. Nice adventure, dad! Mum was filming with the red thing. You’ll see, I even had time and the guts to do “kiekeboe”= peekaboo with mum! 😉
First 31 meters down, then 31 meters up! Yeey! 🙂

We arrive at the right bank, in the middle of the old town. First we saw a jumble sale. Pics will show you it was interesting, my dogness! Wanted to take some of those things home… no, adventure was not that big! 😦

Strolling around in town, lots of works going on. 😦 The good news: ice cream! ❤
And there was also the man with the “literaire snackbar”. A snackbar with poems on food, about snacks! Man was kind: mum could choose a poem and he was declaiming it to her! See the video!

Back home with the metro… that’s old news… 🙂

PS Mum and dad were very proud about me on the escalator. I really am a lady with a big L, so I’m a… Lady! 😉 Oh yes, and there is one nice picture of the three of us: can you find it?



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