Showing off… my catch!!!

Yes mum, I see… a very little bit misty this morning… but we like that, don’t we! Off we go, to the beach. Little bit cold, you say?! Just run a bit, you’ll be warm and your feet will be too!

What? I’m a little too far? I should come? No time, I’m sniffing and fishing! No mum, no time! YES! Got it! Now, I come, and I’ll show you,
Little strange… she does not say I have to drop it… I can go nearer to show her. Still no “Leave it”? That’s great, I can show my catch to everyone… 🙂 Little problem… there is nobody except the seagulls! That’s okay too! 🙂

Look guys, I did catch a fish! Why are you flying away? Are you jealous you don’t have one? Well, just look better, there are plenty today!
My dogness, just stay here, I want to show you! Don’t fly away! 😦

What do you say, mum? Time to go home and have breakfast? I have to leave the fish here for the seagulls so they will have breakfast too? Okay with me… I share… My breakfast is yummier, sssst mum, don’t tell the seagulls… Want to share the fish, but do not want to share my yummie breakfast! 😉

Off we go! Yes, mum, I know, I can be a very good girl… you only don’t see it always! 😉

PS 2 series of pics: one with my catch and one just to share with you… because we think it is lovely, don’t we mum?


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