WWW, waterbusiness… and a new friend!

What a Wonderful Wednesday! Again!! Not only because we have this nice weather. Mum calls it an Indian Summer. I do not understand: I did not see any Indians today! No, not today! We sometimes do, you know, there live Indian people here! 🙂 Anyway, off we went to the huge dogpark!

First of all I met a new friend with an hungarian name: Piroska. Her mum explained that ‘piros’ is the hungarian word for red… Can you see why my friend got this name? We played and ran. ❤

Then, me and mum went to the part of the waterbusiness. I was romping around on my own, in the water… And then had a little accident: I got a wet belly! Mum filmed it accidently, just as my flight out of the water… 😦

After all this we went back home. I admit: I was a bit tired! But since my new dinners, mum says I can run the marathon. What’s that, mum? Marathon? Is that a business?

Hahahahaha… 😉 No, Kita, it isn’t… or maybe yes, it is: the running business! 🙂




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