Holidays, mum???… Business-days, yes!!!

Mum is talking about holidays all the time. Well, as often, we disagree… I opened two new businesses!

Yesterday morning and this morning we went to the little wood of the huge dogpark. Less sunshine, more shadow… That’s better for mum. Anyway: new area, so I started two new businesses! yeeey!

First, I went in the hiding business. I ran everywhere where mum could not see me… hahaha… No whistle-language? I’ll go and see for myself where that mum is and what she is doing! 😉 Well, mum, why don’t you use the whistle-language although I disappeared? Can’t do any harm? Who is Harm??? Oh, the fences? I see! Okay, see you later!

While in the hiding-business, I started the chasing-business… Saw plenty of bunnies running and playing around! Off I went, after them. They are in the hiding business too, they disappear in the ground? Do they have a hole to China just as T&T??? I should examine that!
Mum was laughing a lot. When I got too near to a bunny, I stopped and let it run away and it hide itself! That’s normal, mum, I’m in both businesses: chasing and hiding! 😉
Okay, and running too… 🙂

Will you carry me home, mum? NO? Gggrrr…

PS If you look carefully, you see mum forgot to put my play-collar on this morning! ❤




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