We met a big family… of ducks!

At low tide, at high tide… whenever we walk near river Scheldt, we meet ducks. Most of the time, we meet 2 or three ducks, swimming in the river!

Well, this morning at low tide, we saw a nice spectacle. Of course mum did not see it at first and I did not want to bark… you know, ducks could be scared. So to get mum’s attention, I was pulling on the leash. That always works. 😉 But I have to do it twice if I want to show something… she does not understand the first time! 😦

And then she saw it too. I asked her to get the red thing out and make some pics to show to my friends! After the city-sheep, I present you the city-ducks! Family got bigger! They were having their morniing walk to the water… Long walk at low tide… poor guys… ❤

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