This morning?… This ‘sandy’ lady had to be very patient with mum!!!

My dogness! This morning we were up very early and off we went to the beach! Did not get it at first, of course, she did not tell me… I heard a new sound and mum was taking a pic from far away. I had to get a closer look of course! Mum, where is the blinking thing? At home? Oh, I see, there is a red thing now. My dogness! Do you need more explanantions? 😦

Go figure! I had to explain my mum everything! Mum, put your finger elsewhere now, because that is the recording button! A little bigger than the blinking thing? Make your hands grow a little, my dogness, these humans make a fuss of everything!
Yes mum, keep your finger on the big button and keep pushing! Yes, like that! You hear it? tak, tak, tak, tak, tak, tak… 10 pics in one second! And another ten, in the next one! Yes friends, I’ll ask my mum to show you tomorrow, today she is still learning! 😉

Yes, mum, that little thing is to zoom! Can you see it too now? Next beach we are not allowed to go! I know! Really, I have to explain her everything! Shall we film a little? I’ll run and come back for you, yes!

Okay mum, because you are still studying how to do it, with this red thing, I’ll do some modelling for you, as a very patient teaching-airelady! 🙂

Think I like this red thing: the dingdong to start and the taktaktak! ❤ Mum too, I’m sure, because pics are good! At least when she does it like i tell her! She’ll learn it… 😉



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