Want to see and… taste everything!

Nice walk on the dike, by sunset! And not too many people!
If there are not too many human pups playing around on the dike, mum allows me to do what the human pups always do! I get up on the stone benches and walk on them! 🙂
I like that! I am much bigger and I can see everything! 🙂

Then mum said it is still too cold for ice but she thinks it is exactly the weather for a Brussels waffle! Wafwafwaf? What? She starts speaking dog language… This must be a very big occasion or the end of the world… 😉 Wafwafwaf? What might that be? I don’t know that!
So I even was not interested at first, but then I did remark wafwafwaf is something to eat?
Is that ice on top of it, mum? What is whipped cream? I see no Whippet and surely not in your hand! Hahahaha! wafwafwaf with whippet, she is crazy, my mum, I knew it!! 😉

Okay, I’ll wait very patiently untill the very last part! 😦 Procedure is the same as for the ice cream! 😉
Mmmmm, wafwafwaf is yummy! 🙂


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