City-lady Kita goes in… urban sciences.

When we return home from the huge dogpark, we take a shorter way. I want to show you something special! In Antwerp most of the humans love animals: lots of fenced dogparks and the huge one where me and mum go now. But doggies live in the house with the humans!

Humans live in apartment buildings in our city, big buildings with lots of houses! Well, here in Antwerp pigeons have their own apartment buildings! They have their own house in a big building! Yes, they do! And on the ground they have their own restaurant: white bowls with grains in it and their own bar: white bowls with water! 🙂

Me? I like to sniff around over there but I do not frighten the pigeons. They stay where they are when I’m passing by! 😉 Nice neighbours!

PS The only low building you see in the pics is… the public library of our district! 🙂 


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