No waterbusiness in winter???… Forget it!

Really, most of the time mum wins! I say: most of the time! Yes, it happens that she is not right at all… Surely when we are speaking about MY businesses! Mum said: No water-business in winter! 😦

Hahahahaha, that was the biggest joke ever! No water-business in winter? My dogness, when we went to the huge dogpark few days ago, after the heavy rains, I really had to laugh and laugh and laugh! Hahahaha, I saw it before her of course!

Almost the whole huge dogpark is covered with water! Nice, clear water! Hahahaha! No water-business in winter! hahahaha! Water-business never was this great as these days! Hahaha! Mum said something about Jesus, and my goodness and that stuff. But I had fun! Swamp-time! I start the swamp-water-business for wintertimes!

In the end she took the blinking thing to fototoot and film my new swamp-water-business in winter! Hahahaha! This business-lady wins this time! 😉 ❤

PS In the end is a pic of my mum with one of my very big friends! You can see how big!!! She got the pic from the other mum. Thanks! 🙂


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