A new friend! … Yihaaaaaa!

Yes, finally it’s friday morning. On friday morning lots of my friends are in the huge dogpark! No, not the four very tall dogs and Azeris, that’s on wednesday!
On friday mornings it is the usual gang, with the treats-party! 🙂

Today though, it was a bit special! Got a new friend: Benji! He’s of my age and oh, my dogness, he is handsome!! 🙂 ❤ He likes playing and he does not get angry. Even not when I take his tennisball! 😉
We were running quite a lot! He told me he is mostly in France with his dad, but they come over every month! Ouf, that’s nice! Will see him again! ❤

It was raining and the rain was naughty: he got on mum’s blinking box and now pics are not real clear… But you will see Benji is handsome nevertheless!! 😉



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