Cooking with Kita… part 9!

As I told before, I’m in a few businesses together with my mum: the footbottle-business… and also the cooking-business! Some days, the cooking-business is a very nice and rewarding one… The cooking-part is for mum and the patienting part is mine! But it pays!! 😉 🙂

Few days ago, we prepared lasagna with tuna. Mum thinks that is yummy but she does not make it often, not at all… Something is wrong with eating too much tuna. Not enough tuna in the sea anymore, grandpa explained me one day. He knew so much!

Anyway, we were cooking! Lots of things to prepare… lasagna sheets were put in the water! BUT… big news, I always get one too! One less that goes in the water… That’s the amusing part of the cooking mum says! Fototoot-comic prooves it and the video too! Mum always laughs a lot with the lasagna-situation. I don’t mind, I like it. 😉
When mum is in a good mood I can taste some green beans and tuna too… ❤

So we made the lasagna sauce. Nice smells but I could not see it very well and dad came to my help!! He got me high up to have a look in the cooking pan! That was nice! 🙂

In the end, the thing goes in the oven and my job is done! 🙂



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