This lady makes herself … useful!

As you know my mum is a library mum. When she is library mum, she is not at home. She also is my mum, then she is or at home or where-ever with me. But as you know she also is a cooking mum, me and she often cook together. Mum does not like cooking, but as you immediately understand I like cooking.:-) So does Chef Mauricee! He is much better cook then me and mum!

So sometimes I make myself useful. Surely in this case! Mum bought new pans. Pans to cook in! But the pans are wrapped up in big boxes. You can’t cook in boxes, that’s clear. Boxes have to disappear… If I’m lucky, mum agrees that I help to make disappear the big boxes! ❤ I make them “little”, that’s easier!

Few days ago I was lucky and very, very useful! Pics and movie prove it! 😉 Of course I needed a nap afterwards! …zzzzz…



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