Misty morning… fun!

Mum says she loves these misty mornings of an indian summer. I don’t understand a word of it, should ask grandpa about it later.

So we go out, it’s morning all right. We go to the beach; mum just explained I have to wait till october to run free, I’ll have to stay on  the leash. Half a mile further on? A kind doggie of the leash. Mum is a bit of a liar… 😉

Oh so? This far from the people we can play in the morning? And in the evening? Did mum hear this??? Yes, Plume and me, we can run and play!!! He is a mix of a fox terrier and a jack russell: stuborn in double, says his mum, but such a cutie! He is a rescue, like my grandpa!

Mum said she had at least 100 pics and ten minutes of video. Blinking box lost his memory: only 10 pics and 1 video… That’s a pity, now all my friends miss this fun! Mum is a bit angry with the blinking box! 😉 I’m happy it’s not me she is displeased with this time! 🙂


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