8 october 2013?… This was fun!

Today was a bit of a special day! Although it didn’t start like that. Just a normal morning: dogpark, breakfast, mum off to work, nap. Bit special: mum got a parcel at the dogpark of Gitte’s mum. Didn’t pay too much attention though, it was nothing to eat, no treats…

But then a package did arrive, not for dad, not for grandpa Lennox and not for me! Nobody touched it. So that must be for mum. Then I secretly had a look at the tv-type-thing and I knew! This is a special day: it’s mum’s birthday today and everybody all over the world seems to know! 😉 Even dad! He went shopping and brought special birthdaybiscuits for this evening.

Finally mum came home! I ran downstairs immediatly! Mum opened the package and smiled! Her French friend knows she likes the seaside! And gues what? I can play with the cardboard! 😉 🙂 Yihaaaa!!!
Mum tells she got a very sweet e-card (what on earth is that?) from the Aura-people! There was an airedale in it! (I understand that word!) Anyway, I don’t know what an e-thing is, but if it is with an airedale, it must be great.

And then the human pup came over too! On a tuesday night! Fun! They were talking about papers and studying and “databases” (and what on earth might that be???)and I had to lay down and be quiet. Less fun! 😦 Bit difficult too!

Finally mum is before the tv-type-machien and says that my friends from all over the world are whishing her a happy birthday! She says that’s very amazing, she never got that many birthdaywishes in her whole life. She repeats all the time: my goodness, my goodness… I think she means: thank you very much everybody in the aireworld and the rest of the world!

When do we repeat this birthday-thing, mum? Tomorrow?

Kita, are you crazy? Time goes fast enough as it is!

  1. hi keetz!

    i hope you don’t mind that we have given you this nickname. you’ll always be kita to us, but we also like to call you keetz when you’re being especially adorable.

    with that aside, we’d like to say that we think your mum is very cool. we wish her best birthday ever with a delicious cake or some kind of sweet treat and was surrounded by love! birthdays are wonderful, but you already know this. i’m sure of it!

    with love from berlin,
    kristin and ian

    • Hello misses Kristin an mister Ian, well, I’m proud of my new name! Mum she says it sounds fine and when mum thinks good about it, I’m proud about it, that you understand immediatly. Yes, my mum had a nice birthday and I love her very much. She says she thanks you for the wishes and the compliments. What’s that? Have a good time there, in Berlin, with decorating and organising the new home! 😉 Love and hugs from Kita

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