Ohohoh!!!… Very handsome gentleman!

What is mum saying? We go home? We are in the dogpark for more then 1,5 hour? Think mum is very mistaken! I think we are here for ten minutes or so.
What else does she say? I played enough? Mum, really, you make another mistake! Can’t play enough, never! That’s clear, she is not an airedale, my mum. Only mums tell such stupid things. You’ll never hear an airedale-lady say she played enough!

And surely not when there is a very handsome and gentle gentleman around! Really, mum, Drago is so much fun to play with, and to run around with. And he does not climb the tree, yet, I should teach him! Yes, today!!
Drago is a mix rothweiler and Stafford terrier, he’s six months old. Yes, maybe a little bit young for me, I admit, but he’s a great guy! He’s so soft and friendly and gentle! Grandpa Lennox says so too!

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