Visit to an other dogpark… a huge one!!

This time, it was my turn to be not too pleased with my mum! No, she did not chew on my toys… are you kidding! She forgot something!

Last saturday we went to an another dogpark after the visit at the petstore! The dogpark is a little bit far away, we did go there by car. But, my goodness: it is a very big dogpark, a huge one! Althouhg it is in town! My mum took pictures with the blinking thing and then she forgot to share them. So you do understand I was not pleased when I discovered… 😦

So I talked to her and she promised to post them tonight! And now we are again the best friends ever! 🙂 Gave her a lot of wet kisses! 😉

Look for me on the pictures… 😉 I ran everywhere!



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