Fun, fun, fun… on a fridaymorning! :-)

My dad, my grandpa Lennox, my mum and me, we were at the dogpark this morning. My mum made some pictures while I was having fun. I’m always having fun at the dogpark, so I asked her to shoot some pictures! They aren’t neat, she says, because we were moving too much. Don’t worry, mum, I don’t mind, I show them anyway and I’ll give the explanations! 😉

On the way home we met Kiva, on her way to the groomer’s. Well, I think my grandpa is quite big, bigger than me, but see Kiva! My goodness! And yes, she needs to go to the hairdresser’s. Didn’t see her this evening. I only saw her dad, he said she should stay inside, too cold without her ‘coat’ on! (I had to laugh a bit, didn’t show it though! Could hurt his feelings…)

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