Antwerp ten miles and marathon… part 2

Evening walk in our neighborhood. Mum is lucky to have me, that’s as clear as water! And she is lucky I have a good nose and I’m a good inspector. Without my nose we would have been completely lost this evening! Toilet-houses everywhere! Lots of new fences, streets are blocked! Red pedestrianlights for nothing because cars aren’t allowed anymore! My dogness! 😉 Insane!

How come? ! Told you yesterday: next sunday 45 times 1000 humans come to run here in Antwerp. Ten miles or a marathon or the ladies run (5 kms) or the kids run. That has to be prepared! Two full weeks are necessary. Lot of men start at 8.00 in the morning and go on till it gets dark at night. What a job!!! Result? We hardly recognise our neighborhood! 😉

But my friends will see in the pics that we think international in Antwerp! 😉 Surely if you speak about food! Molly, Winnie, Monty and Taffy, you were very right about the food-business! But I think I cannot convince my mum… 😦
And as already shown: little dogpark is a disaster: it is called a village now. Near the dogpark there are even built ‘tribunes’ (bleacchers), that’s what mum calls the bizar things we saw.

Me? I was very happy to see that the huge dogpark was normal this morning! 🙂 I even chased some rabbits. ❤ And this evening I was very glad I got mum home safe! 😉 And in between? Zzzzzzzzzzz…

Antwerp ten miles and marathon: great! BUT … :-(

My dogness, mum, look at this?!! Who on earth did this? What does she say? Antwerp ten miles and marathon? Mum, who are they? Why can they destroy our dogpark? Space? They need space? At the other side of the crossing, with the other white big house they newly made, is place enough! She does not disagree, my mum! 😉 She can’t: it is just the truth! Can’t disagree with the truth! 😉

What, no off leash this morning? Mum, tell me who I have to bark to explain that this is not fair! All my little friends who are too small for the huge dogpark, can’t play for more than a week! Poor friends! 😦

What? Ten miles is sports? Running? Hahaha, that’s not for you mum, you hate running! It is more for me! I’m the running one of the two of us! Don’t tell me they will run around in this white new things? Oh, it’s the end of the running and near our house is the start of the running? On our way home mum shows me the humans only can run in the fenced area! That’s an idea I like! Red fences for humans! hahahaha! 😉
Well, I hope they enjoy their running and that my poor little friends can run again next week in a repaired dogpark!!!

What??? There will be 45.000 humans running! My dogness… Too crowdy for me mum! 😉 Ha, no disagreement? Again? Nice morning! 😉